Keystone Heights is a city located in southwestern Clay County, Florida, United States. The population of Keystone Heights was 1,350 at the 2010 census.

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Prior incorporation of Keystone Heights, the town was referred to as Brooklyn (name taken from Lake Brooklyn).

Brooklyn consisted of a building called Brooklyn Hotel, a general store and a post office, including several houses scattered about.

A property developer named John J. Lawrence is one of the founders of Keystone Heights. He stumbled onto Brooklyn during one of his tours of Florida, this ignited his love affair with the region. He and his family built the first house in the now Keystone Heights area, overlooking Lake Geneva. The house still remains there today on the corner of Jasmine Street & Lakeview.

In 1925, Keystone Heights was incorporated. The city was aptly named after the person that planted its first roots in it: “Keystone”, which refers to John Lawrence’s home state of Pennsylvania – the “Keystone” state.

Families moved into the city after hearing about Keystone Heights’ natural wonders and the several area lakes. The influx of families building homes became a logistical nightmare. With the help of C. Ray Lawrence in 1922, streets and lots were layed in the town, which brought logistical order to the city.

Eventually the city took off, and more and more visitors would frequent the area during the holidays, and more and more families set root in the city.

Learn more about Keystone Heights. Below you’ll find statistical data and information about the city.

Area: 4.54 sq. miles
Population of Keystone Heights: 1,350
Households with Children Under Age 18 36.5%
Over Age 65 17.78%
Median Household Income $53,699
Adult College Graduates 23.5%
% Home Ownership 63.8%
Number of Home & Apartments 562
Zip Code 32656
data from Clay County website

Public Schools

Keystone Heights Elementary

McRae Elementary

Keystone Junior / Senior High School


Keystone Heights Library

Public Parks & Recreation

Little Rain Lake Park

Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park

Twin Lakes Park

Camp Blanding Wildlife Management Area

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